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Hillcrest drag queen gets surprise proposal on stage

A surprise proposal is the showstopper at San Diego Divas.
Photo credit:
Distilled Images Photography

Attendees at the popular drag show San Diego Divas got a surprise on Friday night as did one of the performers when her boyfriend came up on stage and proposed. 

Vanity Jones (Michael Leobardo Reyes) was in full makeup and taking a curtain call when the show was stopped after fellow Diva Kickxy Vixen Styles was handed a card with a "very important question." 

Still unaware that the question was for her, Vanity listened to the seemingly confused Kickxy with bated breath. It wasn't until Vanity's boyfriend Luis Alexander Ramirez (Alex) came onto the stage with a huge bouquet that she became suspicious. 

Alex, dressed in red and black, dropped to one knee and presented a ring box to Vanity in a marriage proposal and got an immediate response from her, "Yes!"

The audience shouted cheers of excitement and enthusiasm posting videos and well wishes via social media.

One sentiment posted by Candice Anderson seemed to sum up what everyone was thinking afterward. 

"There is so much I could say about these two wonderful people. But I'll just settle with a super congratulations and now proud and honored I am to witness this love and journey."

Congratulations to Vanity Jones (Michael Leobardo Reyes) and Luis Alexander Ramirez on their engagement. 

To watch a video of the special occasion click HERE

The cover photo is from Distilled Images Photography. To view more images from that night click HERE.