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Boisterous homophobe denied entry to inclusive club: "I have a right to get in a club."

A Canadian nightclub, open to everyone, denied entry to a young man waiting outside who reportedly used homophobic language, so he took to social media to rant about it. 

Called the 441 Main and located in Winnipeg, the man in question, Reese Buhr and his friend were turned away at the door after using the word "gay" in a homophobic way according to Gay Star News 

The video seen HERE has been removed, but not before City News got ahold of it and recounted the alleged confrontation. 

Insensed, Buhr says in the video he "hates gay people" and ‘they should be f***ing illegal"

He continues: "I f***ing hate gays, let’s put that on the record. These f***ing queers were illegal 20 years ago, my grandparents would say what the fuck, that’s f***ed man." He goes on, "And I’m with them on that shit, this is bullshit. They should be legal, they should be f***ing illegal, they should be arrested they should be f***ing put in jail."

Buhr doubles down on the hate speech further in the video, "Do I hate gays? Yes! Where are my f***ing rights as a f***ing straight person? I have rights, not only queers have rights. I have a right to get in a club."

The club's co-owner Nikola Maharajh, talked to City News and said his security guard and business partner heard the young man using homophobic language. "Obviously, he didn’t appreciate that, so he told the guy 'Sorry, you’re not going to come in tonight.'"

"We really, like, preach equality here, doesn’t matter what race you are, gender you are, sexual orientation," continued  Maharajh. "We just really want everyone to feel comfortable, come have a good time on the weekend. So, if we let someone like that in, it’s going to ruin someone’s night."

441 Main released a statement in the form of a quote on their Facebook page, "Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it’s a good place to start – Jason Collins."

They add: "At 441 Main we pride ourselves on diversity and quality. We will continue to defend your rights, making our venue a safe place for everyone because no matter who you are or whom you love, you are human, and we welcome you."

They say they are going to put a rainbow flag in the club. 

Buhr has backpedaled on his convictions, saying "I sincerely apologize to anyone I offended, and take full responsibility for my actions." But his social media presence has reportedly been suspended.