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Dem chair who endorsed false smear against DeMaio faces harassment allegations himself

Chair of the California Democratic Party accused of sexual harassment and "assault."
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Los Angeles County Democratic Party - Faceboook

Eric C. Bauman chair of the California Democratic Party, the man who drudged up false claims against San Diego gay politician Carl DeMaio (R) is in hot water himself as accusations of sexual harassment and assault have resulted in requests to see him removed. 

The allegations are contained in a letter that is being circulated throughout social media.

According to San Jose Inside, Cal Dem Vice Chair Daraka Larimore-Hall says in the letter that he filed a complaint against openly gay Bauman after receiving “multiple credible and serious allegations”  that he assaulted men and intimidated a witness. 

Larimore-Hall's letter contains testimony from accusers and he thinks there might be more who have yet to step forward. 

"I believe the victims,” the letter reads. “Their stories illustrate a clear and escalating pattern of Chairman Bauman’s horrific and dehumanizing behavior. This is unacceptable for a political organization dedicated to feminism, human rights and just working conditions.”

Bauman's alleged behavior comes a year-and-a-half after he signed off on a smear campaign against Carl DeMaio during his work to gather signatures to repeal the California gas tax. Flyers handed out in a canvassing effort at Orange County storefronts boldly attacked DeMaio for things that had been debunked and retracted by DeMaio's accuser. 

"What is so outrageous is that the Democratic Party would perpetuate false smears that resulted in a highly-publicized federal felony conviction to falsely smear and gay-bait in a desperate attempt to once again mislead voters," said DeMaio's husband publisher Johnathan Hale when it happened. "Even more outrageous is that the smear was signed by Eric C. Bauman a Gay LGBT activist and Chair of the California Democratic Party."

Members of that party have now weighed in on the recent accusations against Bauman. Congressman Ro Khanna (D-Fremont) found the allegations "shocking" and said he would like to see Stanford University professor Michele Dauber take the seat.  “We need a bold feminist to lead for 2020,” Khanna said.

Critics say the release of the letter before any investigation can be finalized is nothing more than a political move. 

As for sexual harassment, Dauber draws a hard line and says it needs to stop from both sides and leaders need to take it seriously.

“These allegations are deeply disturbing and if they are substantiated, Eric should clearly resign," she said in an email. "There might also be a law enforcement investigation given that the allegations include sexual assault. Unfortunately this is an issue in both parties and we have to end it immediately. Enough is enough.”

Both Dauber and Khanna say it's not just about the accusations, there are real people who have been harmed if they turn out to be true. 

“I am most concerned about the victims,” Khanna told San Jose Inside. “It takes great courage to tell their stories, especially considering the position of power that the California Democratic chair has.”

Bauman made the following statement on Saturday

"I take seriously any allegation brought forward by anyone who believes they have been caused pain. To that end, a prompt, thorough and independent investigation of the allegations has been undertaken by a respected outside investigator, ensuring these individuals making the charges are treated with respect and free from any concerns of retaliation. I look forward to putting these allegations behind us and moving forward as unified Democrats."

As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale is married to Carl DeMaio.