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Uber adds another ridesharing dockless bike fleet to San Diego

Uber's JUMP launches into San Diego streets.
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Uber is joining the many ridesharing services in San Diego. They plan to distribute about 300 bikes throughout Pacific Beach and downtown. They want that circulation to eventually span over 95 square miles by year's end. 

As with most of these services, Uber's red fleet called JUMP are dockless and go as fast as 20 miles per hour. 

Critics complain that these types of services have reached an over-saturation level and people are not always responsible when they finish using them. Riders leave them in public walkways or places that hinder regular traffic. 

The JUMP bikes will have a GPS system that encourages users to leave them in places that are out of the way. 

Uber bought the JUMP brand back in May, the company had already been established in American cities since 1997. 

It is Uber's hope that people will ditch their own vehicles and rely on the company's transit offerings. 

“We see a world where people in San Diego can easily live without a car by taking advantage of a wide variety of transportation options, from ebikes to rideshare and beyond, requested right from the Uber app,” said Mike Egziabher, general manager of JUMP’s Southern California branch. “Today’s launch gets us closer to that vision by giving people in San Diego an affordable, environmentally friendly way to get from point A to point B.”

To launch the product Uber is offering five free 30-minute bike rides per day through December 9. 

You can unlock the bikes and be on your way by using either the Uber or JUMP app. 

Once officially launched the bikes will cost $1 to unlock then 10 cents a minute.