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Shipping containers will house homeless in San Diego

Re-purposed cargo containers to be used as dwellings for the homeless.

Those large metal shipping containers usually seen on cargo ships are being repurposed as homes for the homeless in San Diego according to 10 News

Developers spoke to the news station last week about the Logan Heights project. 

“When you say, ‘shipping containers’, it's like [people] go into the stratosphere,” developer Doug Holmes told the news channel.

Both Holmes and his business partner Michael Copley are with Makana Properties, the company behind the project. 

“The appeal of containers was really more the speed in the construction,” said Copley.

Pictures of the concept show a normal facade, but on the inside, there will be 42 stacked, insulated metal shipping containers which create "21 fully loaded 320 square foot units with a kitchen, bathrooms and patios."

Assembly will be made away from the site and delivered in sections later on. “In one day, literally there's going to be a parade of trucks and a big crane on-site that drops the entire first level,” explains Holmes.

This isn't the first time the containers have been used in Southern California as alternate housing. There are currently 16 being utilized in Orange County. 

The developers are looking at about three month turnaround time. They say the concept is also cost-effective. 

“Right now, we're projecting $140,000 per unit,” says Copley.

The ones scheduled for Logan Heights will first be rented to homeless veterans using vouchers, but the idea isn't only for the homeless.

Makana Properties wants to bring even more containers to San Diego for people who need affordable housing. 

“When the project is completed, it really is a very attractive looking building,” adds Holmes.

The completed Logan Heights building will also contain commercial space that can be used for free.

They are scheduled to break ground in the next few months with a scheduled completion date as early as next April according to 10 News.

You can see a video of the news report HERE