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Video surfaces of UK trans women beating up man on subway

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Four women were caught on tape beating up a man in a UK subway station. Three of the women are transgender. 

The incident happened on June 24 in the Leicester Square subway station in London, A video of the beating appeared after the women pleaded guilty to violent disorder, reports LGBTQ Nation

According to the prosecutor, the women attacked after the man made a “minor provocation,” it's unclear whether or not the remark was transphobic. 

The assailants were named by Gay Star News as Tylah-Jo Bryan (22), Tamzin Lush (27), Amarnih Lewis-Daniel (22), and Hannah Bryan (22). It's reported that they were drunk at the time. 

In the video, the women kick and stomp the man while a security official tries to intervene.

The crowd begins to encourage the violence which ended up leaving the man with cuts and a black eye.  

The attack was deemed as "severe violence by prosecutor Julian Pozimski.

“This offense is so serious that we feel it needs to be sent up to the crown court,” said Westminster magistrate Kirsty Walker.

The four women are waiting to be sentenced which could mean jail time and a hefty fine. 

Watch the video HERE.