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San Diego's LGBT candidates and where they stand post-election

San Diego LGBT candidates and their projected wins/ loses.
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San Diego Pride Flag

Californians had a lot to watch for in this midterm election, from repealing a gas tax to eliminating daylight savings to establishing rent control. Voters seemed to only want to save daylight in the case of those ballot measures. 

But the San Diego LGBT community fared a little better in this year's midterms which nationally saw the election of its first gay governor in Colorado and the passage of Question 3 in Mass. which protects trans men and women from discrimination. 

Here are some San Diego LGBT candidates and where they stand so far in the race for their positions (these results are taken from Fox 5): 

Kevin Beiser San Diego Unified School District, Trustee, Area B has a sizable lead over his competitor with 70.53% of the vote -- 73% precincts reporting

Jennifer Campbell is just edging out for San Diego City Council (District 2) with 55.52% and 73% precincts reporting

Bonnie Dumanis seems to have lost against Nathan Fletcher for San Diego County Supervisor (District 4) 35.25% of the vote with 68% precincts reporting.

Todd Gloria's position in the California State Assembly (District  78) seems to remain intact at 68.09% with 66% precincts reporting

Sunday Gover is being edged out by Brian Maienschein for California State Assembly (District 77) who has 53.00% of the vote with 82% precincts reporting

Cori Schumacher is losing to Matt Hall for the Carlsbad Mayor's race with 57.47% of the vote with 63% precincts reporting.

Results are still coming in and final tallies will be released soon.