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Kim Davis loses her bid for re-election for county clerk

Infamous county clerk Kim Davis loses re-election.
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YouTube - David Ermold

Kim Davis has been unseated as the Rowan county clerk. Elwood Caudill Jr. has won that position with all precincts reporting. 

Caudill was 700 votes ahead, Davis has already called him to concede. 

Davis had flipped to the Republican party and became infamous for invoking her religious freedom in not issuing marriage licenses to David Ermold and his partner back in 2015 after the passage of marriage equality. 

Thrust into the spotlight, Davis became a conservative darling, spending some time in jail for not issuing the license.  

There were reports that she had a meeting with the Pope, although that was later contested by the Vatican. She attended Trump's 2017 address to Congress. 

In a bit of irony, Ermold decided to run against Davis for her position but lost in the primaries back in May.