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Jared Polis will be the first openly gay elected governor in America

Jared Polis becomes The United States' first openly gay governor
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ABC News is calling Democrat Jared Polis to win Colorado's gubernatorial race for governor. This is a history-making moment as Polis will be the first openly gay man to win a gubernatorial election.

Polis is an entrepreneur, and philanthropist, who has served as the U.S. Representative for Colorado's 2nd congressional district since 2009. He also served on the Colorado State Board of Education.

In June of last year Polis threw his hat into the race for Governor of Colorado, winning the primaries a year later. Tonight he wins out over Walker Stapleton (R). 

Colorado has been in the news lately for their part in LGBT rights. Not only did the infamous "wedding cake" case originate there and win, but there have been plenty of anti-LGBT initiatives that have succeeded in the state. 

The state became known as the "hate state" when in 1992 voters approved an initiative to deny LGBT people protections as a minority group. In 2014 the Colorado Supreme Court found that amendment to be unconstitutional as did SCOTUS two years after that. 

This win for Polis is a silver lining in a country so divided over LGBT rights. Polis is married and a father of two.