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Anti-gay group suing library over drag queens reading to children

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Libraries across the country have made storytime more fun by having local drag queens read to kids. 

But this program is not something conservative Christians find enlightening and they have fought to have them discontinued. 

In Texas, an organization calling themselves Christ followers say they want to sue the Houston Public Library for using taxpayer's money to fund the program

The group says not only is the story hour inappropriate for kids, but it also isn't fair that the library won't host a "man-woman marriage storytelling hour.”

One of the most infamous names behind the proposed lawsuit is Chris Sevier who wanted to marry his laptop to express that same-sex marriage is just as ridiculous. He even sued California Senator Susan Davis for hanging a Pride flag outside her office. That case was dismissed.

Others reportedly behind the lawsuit are an evangelical minister and woman who claims her husband left her for a trans woman.

Mayor Sylvester Turner and the library's director are listed as defendants in which they are accused of promoting “LGBT doctrine.”