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Horrific video of LGBT teen being murdered goes viral, social media responds in grief

Social media responds in horror as video of stabbing attack on LGBT teen goes viral.
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 Warning: This story contains a recount of a brutal, fatal homophobic attack on a teenager. 

In what may be one of the most horrific attacks against a member of the LGBT community to be caught on video has gone viral on social media.

The Iraqi teenager's name, #حمودي_المطيري, nee Hamoudi al-Mutairi, has been trending on Twitter and is a reminder that innocent people are murdered across the world for just simply being themselves. 

Hamoudi's attacker stabbed him because he "looked gay," then filmed the aftermath, posting it to social media.

We aren't going to post or link to the video and as Towleroad says " it is still available with a little searching if it must be seen."

The foreign press has reported on the incident, Albawaba writing: "The video shows the victim lying on the ground, unable to move as he bleeds to death. The killer can be heard in the video asking the boy “What is your name? Where is your house?” with Mohammed crying and urging him to go to hospital and get his mother. The victim asks whats is coming out of his body, as the attacker replies: “It’s your guts”

Kurdistan24 goes a little more into detail and should come with a trigger warning:

"The victim is said to be a 15-year-old, known as Hamoudi al-Mutairi, who had earlier posted pictures challenging gender stereotypes. According to some media reports, Mutairi had been on his way home in Baghdad’s Yarmouk neighborhood when his assailant, in pursuit, caught the teenager and began repeatedly stabbing him. As the young man is seen lying on his side, covered with blood, a voice, presumably that of his attacker, asks what his name is, where his home is, and other details about him. One of the questions could be translated either as “who is your boyfriend?” or 'who is your [male] friend?' Confused and in shock, the victim then asks the man behind the camera where all the blood covering his abdomen was coming from. 'Your guts are out,' the voice replies, in a joking manner. Mutairi then asks to be taken to a hospital and the video ends with him saying, 'I want my mom.”’

People on social media are expressing their horror at the killing, some saying the victim was 14, not 15 as the press has reported. 

Wrote one Twitter user Rayhana, "In case you don't know, #حمّودي_المطيري , is trending in Arabic after this 14 year old Iraqi boy named Hamodi Al-Motteri from LGBT+ community was tortured and the footage of his murder was shared on social media."

Bassam wrote: "Everytime I read a tweet about that poor innocent child murdered in #Iraq at the age of 14 years old, and everytime I read his last words, my heart sinks and a chill goes down my spine. The hatred, violence... The evil in those criminals' hearts... RIP Hammoudi."

Twitter user Mustafa Kadhim reminded people in his post that the assailant may get away with it:

"When homosexuality is a crime according to Islamic law, when Islamic law is the source of Iraqi constitution and law, the criminal will find a legal cover for his crimes against this group of people and without any deterrence." 

Individuals who identify as LGBT or perceived that way, especially effeminate males, are often targeted in Baghdad and Iraq.