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The Georgia Street Bridge is now open

The historic Georgia Street Bridge is once again open to the public.
Photo credit:
Wikipedia Commons

After two years of retrofitting, the Georgia Street Bridge is once again open to the public.

The historic landmark located in North Park just outside of Hillcrest has been under construction for over two years. It was supposed to be completed in November of last year, but that was extended to spring of 2018 and is only now tread-worthy. 

Just over a century old, the Georgia Street Bridge needed improvements both to its infrastructure and the adjacent retaining walls. The project strengthened the structure in case of seismic activity.

Traffic and scaffolding became a part of the urban landscape for the past few years on Park and University Avenues near the bridge's underpass.

There are still some finishing touches to the University Avenue bridge walls, and repaving and striping of University Avenue that need to be completed. But The City says that shouldn't take more than a few weeks. 

For now, though, the bridge is open to pedestrian, bike, and vehicle traffic.