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Naked men are being tied to lampposts in Mexico

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Vallarta Independiente

The Mexican authorities are looking for the culprits who have been tying naked men to lampposts in Puerto Vallarta.

Ten victims have been reported so far, each with the letter "R" shaved into the hair on the back of their heads. The letter reportedly stands for "rat" and could indicate a thief reports LGBTQ Nation.

The victims range in age from 18 to the late 40s.

Each man is found with bruises and other injuries, especially around the buttocks. One man was transferred to the hospital as a result of his wounds. 

Police are baffled as to why the men are being punished this way, and none of them are giving up any information, one said he "does not know who and why" when questioned. 

The only clue police have so far in the investigation is a witness who says they saw a white four-door Nissan Frontier van at the scene of the crime.