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Around-the-clock Christian news network launches

Pat Robertson started CBN in 1960.
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The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) launched the first-ever 24-hour news channel with a purely religious perspective. 

Called the CBN News Channel, it quietly began airing on October 1, in 15 cities across the United States reports LGBTQ Nation. 

Content will include anchor-based reviews of top stories of the day with lifestyle and other shows including "Jerusalem Dateline" which focuses on Israel, and the political-based "Faith Nation."

First established in 1960 by evangelical personality Pat Robertson, 88, CBN has become a communications powerhouse over the years. Their flagship show The 700 Club has been going strong for over five decades.

Robertson himself has become a voice for some conservative canons including dislike of the LGBT community, he said after the Pulse massacre, “the best thing to do is to sit on the sidelines and let [LGBTQ rights advocates and Muslims] kill themselves”

President Trump has also appeared on The 700 Club where he told Robertson, "You have people that I love, the evangelicals."

Looking at the network's website, as with much of the media, there is currently a hyper-focus on the Kavanaugh controversy. 

The network won't rely too much on advertising, instead, they will finance themselves through donations.