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Video shows bus rider fighting back against homophobe

Man fights back against homophobic attacker on city bus.
Photo credit:
Wikimedia Commons

A trip on public transportation in New York turned ugly when an argument between a homophobic rider and another gentleman resulted in a bloody altercation. 

It's not clear what started the scuffle, and the video only shows the altercation mid-heat, but what is clear is that the person being verbally pummeled with hate speech fought back when it turned physical. 

LGBTQ Nation via World Star Hip-Hop posted the video (posted Sept. 22) of an unidentified man at the back of the bus who started yelling at the victim, “You still suck d**ks, though. I don’t give a shit. … I don’t fight with little fa**ot asses.”

The accusation of being gay is never confirmed by the other man, but he doesn't contest it either.  

“You look really dumb,” the victim responds. “You’re trying to look for words and shit to say. You don’t know what the f**k to say. ‘Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, all y’all are fa**ots and sh*t.’ Call people f**ots outside. There’s no f**kin’ cameras outside. You wanna get a f**kin’ aggravated assault charge? C’mon.”

During an attempted apology by the victim to other passengers for the verbal exchange, the assailant lunges at him but receives a surprise, the victim is no slouch and fights back hard enough to cut open the man's forehead pretty badly. 

Two fellow fares break up the men, the assailant bleeding profusely from above his left eye.

A police vehicle is waiting at the curb for the attacker once the bus stops. 

You can watch the NSFW and bloody video HERE.