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Gay male penguins "adopt" neglectful straight parents' chick

Gay penguins go parental in kidnapping scheme.
Photo credit:
Odense Zoo

There are about 30,000 LGBT parents raising adopted children in the United States, but in Denmark there is now at least one gay penguin couple that tried to do the same.  

According to Attitude, two male penguins observed child neglect coming from a heterosexual penguin pair and decided they would step in to help.

Odense zookeeper, Sandie Hedegard Munck said she could see something was wrong after watching a video of the drama as it played out. 

Munck says the mother went off to bathe leaving the father in charge who himself wandered off.

“The parent couple was gone and the kid had been kidnapped," said Munck. "There were a couple of homosexual males who had snatched the kid and stood with it.”

According to Munck the hatchling's mother was the only one really concerned to find her baby missing. 

“The female was searching for the baby, but not very hard," she said. "The female is very caring for the kid, and she is also very aggressive to us if we get too close. I could not imagine she would leave it. The male is a bit more relaxed about his parenting.”

The gay couple got a scolding from the mother after she found her chick so the handlers intervened and returned it to her. 

Despite their failed attempts, the gay penguin's plight didn't go unnoticed and zookeepers gave them an egg to raise from a mother who isn't able to do it herself.