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Fake bomb in Hillcrest prompts evacuations

Novelty bomb scares Hillcrest residents on Monday.

A portion of Hillcrest was evacuated and cordoned off on Monday while authorities investigated what was originally thought to be a bomb. 

It was later determined that the object was not an incendiary device, rather a novelty item made to look like one according to KUSI

The original discovery was made off the 4000 block of Albatross Street in an alley by a waste management driver. 

He called police at about 10 am to report the device which looked like a bundle of dynamite rolled up with tape and an alarm clock. 

Law enforcement cleared the area including nearby apartments while the bomb squad inspected the object and determined it was a novelty item said Monica Munoz, a spokesperson for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.

People were free to return to the area at about 10:50 am.