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Hillcrest resident reports "Peeping Tom" in bedroom window

Serial "Peeping Tom" seen outside window of Hillcrest apartment.
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A Hillcrest resident is on edge after he discovered a strange man peering into his bedroom at night last week. 

Ricardo Alvarez said at about 1 am last Wednesday, from his 4th Avenue apartment, he looked at his bedroom window to see someone standing there looking in at him. 

"I was in bed, undressed and about to go to sleep. I looked out and that's when I saw the man out there pleasuring himself. I yelled, 'Whoa, what the hell!' He didn't stop and kept doing what he was doing," Alvarez told ABC 10

Struck with fear Alvarez says he couldn't move as he looked at the intruder he describes as a "lean, shirtless African-American man in his mid-to-late 20s."

 Alvarez says  he approached the window and yelled out, "'What the hell are you doing?' That's when he ran off.".

Alvarez gave chase but he was not able to catch up to the lurking stranger. 

The news station says this past July, other instances of a "Peeping Tom" were reported in the area and they showed Alvarez pictures of that suspect. 

"I believe that is the guy," said Alvarez.

According to Psychology Today, a "Peeping Tom" may suffer from something called voyeuristic disorder; a psychiatric sexual disorder where someone gets sexually aroused by "intentionally spying on unsuspecting people who are naked, getting undressed, or participating in sexual activities."

The frightening experience has left Alvarez unable to sleep. 

"I always see that silhouette every time I look out the window," he said. "I'm scared and angry. It's a sense of violation."

The intruder may have scaled a fence in order to get to Alvarez's window and that worries him. 

"I'm concerned about the fact he could harm somebody if he goes further," said Alvarez.

A subscriber to the social media forum Nextdoor app also reported on a similar experience of a "repeat Peeping Tom." 

If you have any information on the cases, call Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477.