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Thieves use Grindr to rob, kidnap victims inside "house of horrors"

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pxhere - stock photo

A small home in Oklahoma City was the scene of a Grindr robbery scheme where victims thinking they were meeting up with other Grindr users were actually marks who were robbed at gunpoint. 

On September 8 police were getting a succession of calls in which men reported that they had been robbed while using the dating app. Law enforcement were able to discern that the calls were related. 

Investigators say that they were from men who allegedly responded to a Grindr profile but when they showed up they were threatened with a gun, robbed, then ordered to lay on the floor among piles of litter until the next victim arrived. 

According to reports, the assailants timed the meetups every 15-minutes and there were at least five victims. 

A foot chase between the thieves and one hostage who was able to escape created a window of opportunity for the others to break free and call the police. 

Oklahoma's KFOR news station aired footage of police body cam video as they walked through what they are calling a "house of horrors."

Deaunte McPherson, 31, was charged with robbery and kidnapping. Two other suspects, one male and one female, are still at large.

You can watch the video HERE.