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Berkeley passes resolution to not serve meat once a week

Cows and other animal based proteins are going to be happy. Berkeley will have an all-vegan day once a week.
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Berkeley California is gearing up to go meatless once a week. 

A resolution passed by the city council will require that vegan food be served at city events and meetings once a week according to ABC 7.

Called "Green Monday," the resolution is the first of its kind in the nation to stipulate that people go vegan. 

Councilmember Kate Harrison, who authored the resolution said, "I'm not asking people to give up meat, I'm asking us all to think about what it is that we do every day, how we can reduce our meat consumption."

A public campaign will also accompany the resolution. It will inform businesses of the environmental impact of meat production. "Almost a third of our climate change problem comes from animal husbandry and the meat produced by animals and the pollution produced," said Harrison.

But some Berkeley residents aren't too happy about the new rule. 

"I don't think big government should be involved in mandating what one should and should not eat," Ghazaleh Afshar told ABC 7. "But I also think having a conscious awareness of where our food comes from and what those resources are doing to our planet really is important."

A date has not yet been established as to when  "Green Mondays" will commence, but the council hopes the awareness campaign will begin by the end of the year.