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SD City Council passes Midway District improvement plan

Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan approved by City Council.
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The Midway District has long been a section of San Diego that could use some improvements, and on Monday the San Diego City Council approved a plan that would do just that. 

According to 10 News, the Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan would give the district a facelift and in doing so create about 4,000 jobs while doubling the number of homes. 

The area sits alongside Point Loma and is just north of Little Italy and includes Midway Drive, the Sports Arena, and the Pacific Highway corridor. 

 “This will set the stage for the type of development we want to see in the Midway area like more housing and jobs for residents and a revitalized entertainment district that all San Diegans can enjoy,” said Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer in a press release. “We’re doubling down on our strategy of focusing new development around transit and job centers as we rebuild our city for the future.”

The City's lease on the Sports Arena land will expire in 2020 giving an additional 43 acres of city-owned property to work with for private developments. There are no plans to tear down the arena. 

Organizers would like to see a pedestrian-friendly village with businesses including retail shops and 10,000 homes and apartments. 

The area is also one of the main lines into Point Loma and Ocean Beach, and opponents say the traffic problem has yet to be addressed properly. 

Other opponents say the plan, although a good one, does not effectively do anything for affordable housing. 

The coastal commission still has to approve of the plan.