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Fake Uber driver arrested in Chula Vista

Fake Uber driver follows Chula Vista woman up to her home.
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A man posing as an Uber driver was arrested after harassing a woman and trying to follow her into her home reports Fox 5

It happened on Saturday in the 600 block of Gilbert Place around 7:30 am according to police who restrained the suspect in a body wrap. 

“Suspect is not injured, he is under arrest. He’s being transported by AMR to the hospital for evaluation and then he’ll be taken to jail,” said Chula Vista Police Sgt. Steve Szymozak.

The female victim told police that the man came up to her and said he was an Uber driver. She explained to him that she didn't order the ridesharing service. 

“He followed her up to her front door, she was able to close the door, he did not make entry into the house,” said Officer Szymozak.'

The police were called and on arrival the man turned violent so they had to subdue him after he resisted arrest. 

He was then taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries he sustained from the arrest. 

For safety reasons, when using any of app-based public car services, it's important to check that the car and its license plate matches the info on the phone. Also be sure not to give your name to the driver first. 

In a similar case, a man in Las Vegas pretended to be an Uber driver and abducted a woman who escaped the moving vehicle.