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SD diocese adds 8 priests to list of sexual predators within the church

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Today the Diocese of San Diego added eight priests to a list of those who are believed to have sexually molested children in a scandal that still rocks the Catholic Church. 

Revs. Jose Chavarin, Raymond Etienne, J. Patrick Foley, Michael French, Richard Houck, George Lally and Paolino Montagna, plus Monsignor Mark Medaer — are the names released, but with limited details according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

These names are now a part of a list containing 48 priests and one employee in a case against the Catholic church settled 11 years ago. Included in that trial are 144 accounts of sexual misconduct. 

In Sept. 2007, it was settled for a total of $198.1 million, the second-largest settlement by a Catholic diocese in the United States.

“This is a response to the terrible moment we are in,” Bishop Robert McElroy told the Tribune. He also referred to a recent grand jury report citing 1,000 other cases involving children and priests.  

“There is a broad call for transparency,” McElroy added. “When we looked at it, we wanted to meet that as best we could.”

The abuse by the newly listed clergymen dates back to 2007 but went unreported because the files were "mislaid" or tucked away according to The Tribune. A recent review of records uncovered them. 

“They never kept good records on this stuff until recently,” McElroy told the newspaper. “They kept records, but not in a very systematic way.”

A "listening tour" will commence at parishes in San Diego County between Oct. 1 and Nov. 5. where McElroy will address this ongoing scandal.