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Gay French couple not allowed to name their male child "Amber"

Moms aren't allowed to name their son "Amber."
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A French court has told a lesbian couple that they cannot name their son "Ambre" (Amber) because it risks “confusing the child in a way that could be harmful” due to the fact that it is considered a girl’s name. And unsurprisingly, the couple aren’t happy about it,'" according to an item from Towleroad via The Local

The couple from Breton department of Morbihan in France, caught the attention of the registrar who in turn sent the case to the court system. The women initially won, but the case was appealed and the parents are scheduled to revisit the court in April 2019. 

French publication The Local says the parents have the support of LGBT family advocacy group Les Enfants d’Arc-en-Ciel who question whether or not homophobia is involved. "Part of the problem could be that the French aren’t used to having names that can be given to both boys and girls, with many first names having male and female equivalents, including Francois and Francoise, Jean and Jeanne, and Clément and Clémence," The Local writes

"Society is very unfair, it lets ridiculous first names pass," said one of the baby's mother's Alice Gondelle, adding that "Amber" is a classic name "recognized as being for both genders."