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Threatening hate speech painted on gay man's Nevada home

Gay man's Nevada residence tagged with hate speech.
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In an earlier report coming out of Nevada, local publication Therenogaypage reported that a gay man's Washoe County home was vandalized with a homophobic slur and death threat on Thursday (Sept. 6) morning. The graffiti has since been painted over. But local police are not calling it a hate crime just yet 

The words "Die Faggot Die" were spray-painted in black on the side of the Sun Valley home.

"We have to be very careful about calling this a hate crime,” Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Bob Harmon said. “Basically it is graffiti and vandalism at this point. A lot depends on the circumstances.”

However, Facebook user Scott Reimers who posted the photo and alerted the community thinks otherwise.

“This is a hate crime.” Reimer’s post which has since been taken down read. “It is threatening someone just for being themselves, and it isn’t ok.  If anyone saw the person(s) spray painting yesterday morning please reach out to help identify them and stop this. Our community is better than this…”

Officer Harmon says there won't be an official investigation as the property owner and the tenant would not like to be in the spotlight. But Harmon still advises people know their neighbors and to report something that seems suspicious. 

The Facebook page on which the photo was shared is filled with comments by people who are tagging local news outlets who have yet to report on it. Many people offered to come to the unidentified person's home to remove the hate speech. 

"I don’t know you but I’m a gay man and sending love to you and your community," wrote one person in the comments. "I hope whomever homes (sic) this is knows that he is supported  (heart emoji) And I pray they find whomever did this."

Harmon adds, “If anyone has any information of the graffiti vandalism. They should report it to Secret Witness (775-322-4900) or call the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (775-328-3001).”

Sun Valley is about six miles north of Reno, both cities located in Washoe County. 

Reno's LGBT community has increased in visibility over the past few years. In 2016 the Washoe County School District was the first in the state, and one of the first in the nation to end transgender restroom segregation. 

Reno's Pride festival had record-breaking attendance this year with over 12,000 people attending the event.