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According to biographer, God has "called" on Pence to be the president

He thought God was calling him to now be vice president and function as a president-in-waiting.
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President Trump's biographer, Michael D’Antonio, turns his unofficial pen toward the vice president in a new book called The Shadow President about Mike Pence according to LGBTQ Nation

Going on CNN to discuss the book, D’Antonio had plenty to say about the second-in-command including that Pence believes God wants him to be where he is right now. 

“By the time he had left high school, he had decided that he was going to be president of the United States. ... He thought God was calling him to now be vice president and function as a president-in-waiting." 

 D’Antonio says the vice president will run in 2020. “I think he’s positioning himself to be ‘the normal guy,’ the guy you can trust,” he said.

“And he is out across the country, continuously now, promoting the president’s agenda but really promoting the development of his own network," said D'Antonio in the interview. "He developed a PAC before any vice president ever did. His infrastructure for running for office is complete. So should Trump stumble, should he decide not to run again, Pence 2020 would be an automatic thing.”

The book also points out that Pence has said he is Christian first, conservative second and Republican third and that he would run the country according to God and corporate sponsors. 

“I think he’s a very divisive figure," said  D’Antonio. "He would like to impose a religiously inspired politics on our country that means rolling back marriage equality, that means a ban on abortion, a whole host of policies that are religiously driven.”

Pence did not take part in the book.