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History-making trans candidate getting death threats

The Vermont governor candidate has been getting death threats.
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Christine Hallquist

 Christine Hallquist made history last week when she was nominated by the Democratic party and won the primary for a chance at the governor's seat in Vermont, it is a historic first. 

But according to the Associated Press, the time that should be spent celebrating the win is being taken up with worrisome death threats. 

Hillquist says she has received about a dozen death threats by phone or on social media. 

This has prompted the politician to carefully plan out her public appearances, “We’re just taking a little extra precaution,” she said to the AP.

But this type of rhetoric was expected according to her. “Early on, when our team assembled, I said, ’The more successful we are, the more vitriol and threats we are going to receive.’ It’s kind of a natural outcome of our divided country.”

Hallquist’s team is handling the dangers by reporting the threats to the FBI and the state police. 

New Now Next reports that Elliot Imse, communications director for the LGBTQ nonprofit Victory Fund, applauds Hallquist's “courage,” and bravery.

“It takes guts to be a trailblazer because with it comes opening yourself to attacks from the most hateful among us,” Imse said. “It is what the leaders of social change nearly always encounter.”