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Razor Scooters will add their dockless rides to San Diego streets

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San Diego is gearing up for another dockless service, this time it's from scooter company Razor

The ridesharing service launches this week and joins others of its kind such as LimeBike and Bird. With its San Diego launch, Razor is offering three free rides, up to 15 minutes. 

“We are thrilled to be joining this vibrant community,” said Danny Simon, Chief Operating Officer for Razor USA in a statement. “Our specially designed shared e-scooters create a better shared ride for San Diegans to make the experience convenient, safe, and fun. We are dedicated to continuing to work with the city on how to best be a strong partner for the community.” 

There have been some concerns about where people are leaving the vehicles once their rides are finished, some communities report that scooters are being abandoned and sometimes obstructing walkways.  

Razor offers guidance on how to use your scooter: "DO ride in bike lanes, wear a helmet, ride safely and park by bike racks and out of the right of way. DO NOT ride on sidewalks, with minors, with more than one person on a scooter, or park in pedestrian walkways, wheelchair accessible paths, driveways, crosswalks or loading zones."

They say they are committed to making maintenance and upkeep a priority as well as working with locals who will charge, inspect and maintain scooters every evening to help maximize performance and safety.

The San Diego Police Department said in June that they are cracking down on riders who break the rules such as not wearing helmets or violate safety laws. 

Razor said in a press release, "With an 18-year reputation for quality and trust, Razor is focused on collaborating with San Diego officials to quickly resolve challenges and be the best partner possible."