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Frontier suspends pilot for participating in group hate towards trans child

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The online harassment by adults toward a 12-year-old transgender student named Maddie in Achille, Okla., has extended into corporate America. A pilot for Frontier Airlines has been suspended on suspicion that he was involved in the social media comments, some violent, that led to restraining orders and an FBI investigation. 

In a statement, Frontier said they suspended the pilot once they discovered he was involved. 

“Frontier Airlines prides itself on setting an example as a respectful workplace and we do not condone discrimination. We have long-established standards of conduct, to which all employees must agree to adhere, that among other things require people to act in a professional manner and to treat each other with genuine respect and kindness. This individual was suspended on Aug. 13, after Frontier learned of the situation, pending an investigation.

I can confirm the person is one of our pilots. I believe there has been some conversation about him being a “bus driver” perhaps because of how he described himself in an online profile — but I’m not certain of where it came from. Sometimes, pilots refer to themselves as “bus drivers." It’s a slang term in the industry.

We learned of the situation the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 12 and took action on Monday as our statement above indicates.

The process/investigation must now follow what is set out in the collective bargaining agreement with our pilots. Out of respect for the process, I hope you understand that we are unable to say more at this time.”

Maddie was the target of online hate from a Facebook group of adults who berated her for using the girl's restroom. Comments ranged from transphobic to outright threatening: Said one: "If he wants to be a female make him a female. A good sharp knife will do the job really quick.”

The Achilles School District closed for two days and the FBI entered into an investigation about a possible hate crime.