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Cyberbullied trans student can move to Houston with crowdsourcing donations

GoFundMe campaign raises over 20k for bullied trans girl.
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The little girl who was the subject of physical threats made by a Facebook group of parents last week will be able to move now that over $20,000 has been raised through a GoFundMe campaign

You may remember last week some parents of The Achille public school went on Facebook and in a private group made threats against a 12-year-old transgender student. “If he wants to be a female make him a female. A good sharp knife will do the job really quick," said one commenter. 

These types of sentiments were scattered throughout the thread and were extreme enough to cause Achille school district to shut down for two days.

The child's mother, Brandy Rose says that after those posts were made her daughter is in fear for her life.

Hoping to help the family, someone created a GoFundMe page in order to raise money so the family could move to Houston where they have relatives. 

“If we had the financial means to actually move,” Brandy Rose told the GoFundMe organizer, “and get set up there, close to our family, and in a city that has so many more resources for Maddie, it would literally be life changing!”

Maddie is extremely thankful for all the support, “I’m the girl you have been helping raise money for so I can move to Houston where my sister is,” she said on the GoFundMe page. “My sister will keep me safe if I am close to her and her school will accept me and I will be safe there. My mom and dad and me are so happy that I will be safer and I will be happier in a place that won’t want to hurt me.”

“My mom showed me all the messages you have sent to me and I love all of you for what you said to me! It has made my heart feel so good I want to cry. My mom is so happy that we can finally move and so am I.”

“I hope everyone who’s donated, knows how much y’all have changed our lives!” Maddie's mom writes. “Not just by helping us move, but just the show of love and support has meant so much, it’s overwhelming!"

Funds will also be used for counseling services and other medical needs according to New Now Next. 

“I was thinking that anything above and beyond what it takes us to move, we’ll put in a trust fund for Maddie’s future, like hormones or if she decides to have surgery.”The FBI entered into the investigation as a possible hate crime but no arrests have been made at this time. 

Student's at Maddie's school also rallied in support of her last week organizing a silent protest against the barrage of threats. 

The Trump administration has rolled back Obama-era protections for trans students, and the Department of Education has said it will not investigate complaints of trans students regarding bathroom and locker room access.