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Gay SFPD officer files suit against the dept. for anti-gay discrimination

San Francisco Police Officer alleges two fellow agents discriminated against him.

A San Franciso law enforcement agent, Brendan Mannix, 28 says he was harassed by fellow officers because of his sexual orientation and has therefore filed a lawsuit.

Mannix accuses some members of, "sexual harassment, sexual discrimination based on his sexual orientation, and retaliating against a whistle-blower," according to The San Francisco Chronicle

His attorney Lawrence Organ says in the lawsuit that in addition to insulting his masculinity Mannix was also called “queen,” and “too dramatic.” He tried to report the incidents but alleges that nothing was done about it, in fact, he says officers retaliated against him. 

SFPD is not giving an official statement over the accusations, only that “allegations of discrimination and officer misconduct seriously and will thoroughly investigate all complaints.”

David Stevenson, a police spokesman said, “The San Francisco Police Department is committed to diversity, tolerance and respect for the public and all of our members. Department members are sworn to hold each other accountable and required to act swiftly to report any misconduct.”

As of this writing, The San Francisco city attorney’s office has not been served with the lawsuit and would not comment specifically about it, but attests that SFPD is at the forefront of LGBT inclusion.

“The city of San Francisco, including the Police Department, has been a leader on LGBT rights for decades and remains committed to providing a safe and respectful work environment for all,” said John Coté, a spokesman for the city attorney’s office.

Mannix graduated from the police academy in 2015 and was assigned to the Richmond Station to complete his training. In 2016 he was re-assigned to the Central Station which encompasses The Financial District, the Embarcadero, Chinatown, and North Beach.

He says once he was transferred to Central that's when his problems began. 

“Mr. Mannix quickly noticed the ‘Old Boys’ Club’ atmosphere of the station: Anyone who did not fit a precise mold — broadly speaking, straight, cisgender, white and male — was targeted for mistreatment; those who complained about it were treated even worse,” Organ wrote.

Mannix says in the suit that he was bullied by two sergeants. One would say Mannix was involved with the other gay officer at the station and make comments such as, “ugh, you gays!” or “God, you gays!” Organ said.

Mannix also says that his fellow officer would make fun of his hairstyle and comment on his build: “Is that hair big enough?!” and “How much do you weigh? One hundred pounds soaking wet?”

Another allegation refers to a time when the officers discovered a dead body in the water, Mannix said he was cold to which the other officer allegedly replied, "don’t be such a queen."

Confronting the two officers later on about the harassment, Organ says one sergeant became agitated, exclaiming “if you think I am a bully, file a f***ing complaint.”