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Video of Chula Vista police officer tackling teen prompts investigation

Chula Vista officers tckle teenager to the ground and spark investigation.
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Snapchat video

A Snapchat video of a teenage girl being thrown to the ground by Chula Vista police officers has prompted an investigation. 

It happened on Wednesday, August 15 at SDG&E Park on Hilltop Drive. An officer says a teenager flashed a gang sign and when the situation escalated more officers were called in. 

Speaking with local ABC News 10, Chula Vista Police Capt. Vern Sallee says the video doesn't show the incident in its entirety. 

“It was a very tense and fluid situation," Capt. Sallee said. "We understand the public’s concern, and we don’t take this lightly."

The girl in the video is seen holding a water bottle before she is tackled to the ground, a bystander appears to try and intervene. 

Sallee says, “Immediately precipitating the officer’s use of force on the 14-year-old, that 14-year-old threw an empty plastic bottle directly into the chest of a female sergeant."

The teenager was arrested along with three other juveniles, they were charged with failure to obey a police officer and battery and assault on a police officer,

The department is currently conducting an investigation into the incident. 

“The Chula Vista Police Department holds our officers to the highest levels of standards," said Sallee, "and we will investigate this thoroughly and hold any officer found to have violated policy or law … they will be held accountable,” 

Police are asking for the public's help saying they would like to see any other video captured at the time of the incident.