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Portland man who threatened to bomb AIDS housing complex arrested

A Portland man was arrested because of threats he made to residents at an HIV/AIDS shelter. 

Tenants of the building say Scott Wayne Smith lives near the Hopewell Apartments and they have had run-ins with him before. 

But on Monday Wayne was taken into custody because he screamed at residents who wouldn't give him a cigarette. He called them "fa**ots" and according to court papers he, "threatened to bomb the building and to kill ‘all you people,'” 

The threat prompted someone to call the police according to KATU. The report saying the informant, “was afraid, did not feel safe with the neighbor living so close, and that he believed that Smith would do what he said.”

According to LGBTQ Nation, a few of the residents talked to the local news station about Wayne's past behaviors.  

Wade Jorgenson said. “When I walked by the hedge where he lives, he was saying all kinds of hate stuff about ‘f**king fa**ots,’ and they should all die. Just really awful stuff.”

Another resident Donnie Blodgett. said, “A lot of times he’ll be out there skateboarding and shaking his head. All kinds of weird stuff. Half naked.”

Plus according to Blodgett, he's made death threats before, saying “‘I’m gonna get you, set your house on fire.'”

The charges could land Smith behind bars for a year, his bail is $2,500. 

Smith has pleaded not guilty and remains in custody.