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Mountain of ridesharing bikes pile up at recycling plant

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Courtesy of ABC 10 News

Ridesharing bikes have taken over San Diego and ever since they first appeared in Hillcrest this past February many in the community have voiced their concerns about public safety and oversaturation. 

One of these dockless service companies known as Ofo has recently seen their bicycles piling up in a Logan Heights metal recycling yard according to ABC 10 News.  

Hundreds of the yellow bikes are being sold for scrap at Ekco Metals for $3 a pop according to a scrapyard employee.

Ofo says they are behind the scrappings, explaining that this is a part of the bike's lifecycle. 

Ofo recently announced that they are stopping the service in Dallas, Seattle, and Washington D.C. 

It was rumored that the program would also be leaving San Diego after the company accidentally sent out a memo saying as much. But according to 10 News that was an error and the company will continue its operations in America's Finest City. 

There are many ridesharing services currently available in San Diego from LimeBike to Mobike to Bird. But some communities, despite their convenience, are less than pleased with them being abandoned in their neighborhoods. 

This past March Coronado City Council called them a public nuisance. Pacific Beach has also voiced their concerns about the bikes.

Officials from The dockless companies often attend city council meetings to ease concerns about their services.