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USPS worker allegedly calls gay couple a slur and says they won't be getting mail anymore

USPS worker allegedly calls gay couple a slur after they try to get their mail before she's done.
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A gay couple in Columbus, Ohio filed a complaint with the U.S. Postal Service after they claim the delivery person called them a "fa**ot" during a verbal altercation

Michael Coward and his fiance Michael Vaughn say they were headed to dinner on Tuesday night when they saw mail being delivered to their multi-unit mailbox. Coward says he went over to get it but the postal worker became agitated because he didn't wait until she was done. 

He says that's when he began to argue with her and during that argument, he alleges she called him the slur. One of the men took out their phone and began recording the middle of the confrontation. 

Although the postal worker is never heard saying the offensive word, she also never denies it. 

“I started arguing with her and she called me a [expletive],"  Coward told 10TV. "And then she just kept going on and on and on about me and my fiance being white [expletive]. Yeah, not just [expletive]. White [expletives].”

Coward then says to her, “You’ve called me a [expletive] at least 10 times.”

To which she replies, “I called you what you are."

The couple claims the delivery person removed their name from the mailbox and said they wouldn't be getting mail anymore. 

Vaughn replied: “You’re telling us that you’re not going to deliver our mail because we’re quote, end quote ‘White [expletives]. I don’t think that’s how that works.”

The US Postal Service released the following statement:

“The allegations made against a Postal Service employee are very concerning. These actions – if true – are not consistent with and don’t represent the values of the Postal Service organization and will not be tolerated. You can be assured that this alleged incident is being fully investigated and that the Postal Service will take whatever action is appropriate. Customers may report concerns and complaints to the United States Postal Service by calling 1 800-275-8777.”

The couple has also filed a police report over the incident. 

You can watch the full news report with the video HERE