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Wynn Las Vegas asks gay man in swimming brief to leave poolside

A man who just wanted to enjoy the pool at the Las Vegas Encore Beach Club in his Mr. Turk swimming brief was asked to leave sparking a social media video post in which he accuses the hotel of discrimination. 

Chris Donohoe posted a video of the discussion he had with Wynn Las Vegas staff after they asked him to leave the pool area because his bathing suit was not “in integrity with the pool party brand." 

He adds, "In other words, I was kicked out for being a gay man wearing a bathing suit that was just a little too gay for The Beach Club Encore Las Vegas to tolerate."

Donohoe ends his post decrying that he wants to spread the word of his ordeal and that he's, "going to pursue this to the fullest extent possible until LGBTQ+ people are no longer policed and discriminated against at the Wynn Las Vegas."

The Wynn Las Vegas Encore Beach Club has a set of dress code guidelines that require guests to dress appropriately, but nowhere in that set of rules does it say speedos are prohibited. 

In fact, the only clothing requirement for the pool according to the site is "Swimming suits." The site adds, "All entry is based on management's discretion. Any person who refuses to comply with any regulation governing public bathing or swimming facility or any rule of that facility must be excluded from the premises."

Donohoe says his video shows what homophobia looks like, "I was up all night because I couldn’t sleep from being so upset," he added.

Watch the full video HERE.