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West Hollywood wants Trump's star removed from Walk of Fame

West Hollywood would like Trump's star removed from Walk of Fame.
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In a historic first, the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously to remove Donald Trump's star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, the resolution is not legally binding since the city has no jurisdiction over the landmark, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce does.

Mayor John Duran said in a statement that the decision had nothing to do with Trump's political party.  

"Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an honor. When one belittles and attacks minorities, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities or women — the honor no longer exists,” he told CNN.

Duran added that the vote was a first in their district,  “Never have we intruded into our neighboring city’s business like this. But the circumstances compelled us to make an exception to the rule.”

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has the final say in whether or not a star is removed from the sidewalk, but for now, they say Trump's is safe. 

“Once we receive a communication from the City of West Hollywood, it will be referred to our Executive Committee for consideration at their next meeting," said President Leron Gubler. "As of now, there are no plans to remove any stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Gubler has said in the past that a star installed in the landmark is “a part of the historic fabric of the Hollywood Walk of Fame” and never in its history has one been removed. 

The star has been brutally vandalized in the past, the latest was by a 24-year-old local resident who took a pickax to the symbol and is currently awaiting his arraignment hearing scheduled for next week. 

In order to get his star, Trump had to be nominated and pay $30,000 for its installation. The Chamber of Commerce approved his nomination in 2007.