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"Prince of Puppies" has returned to Hillcrest warns community member

"Prince of Puppies" back in Hillcrest says community member.
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"Prince of Puppies"

Every year or so the Hillcrest community seems to get an unwanted visitor named Bernard Samuel Sephus Jr. aka "The Prince of Puppies," and every year there is a call to action to get him off the street. 

In a public post, Dwayne Wynne, says he spotted Sephus, 63, up to his old hustle claiming that he gets the puppies either from mills or steals them and abuses the animals in front of potential customers in order to make a sale. 

Wynne only says he saw Sephus on Thursday and doesn't mention that he witnessed any abuse, but one commenter claims she saw him over a week ago with a few small animals, "I saw him last Thursday, not knowing the deal, he was over by Starbucks in 5th/Robinson, and yea he had 2 puppies."

In fact, Sephus has been convicted of abusing animals in 2006 and 2013. According to a report by ABC 10 News back in 2016. He also has an assault record so people are warned not to confront him. 

Witnesses allege they see Sephus inflict pain on the animals he's selling in order to evoke sympathy from passersby. 

"Immediately call Humane Law Enforcement at 619-243-3466 if it's between 6 am and 6 pm," wrote Wynne. "After that, call the non-emergency line at 619-531-2000 and ask to speak to the evening Humane Law Enforcement Officer."

In a story we published in March of last year activist and owner of the San Diego LGBT Visitors Center in Hillcrest, Eddie Reynoso, also put out a warning upon seeing Sephus re-emerge in San Diego. 

You can watch the mini-documentary on Sephus from Alexander Uhler below: