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Patrolman saves fawn, Twitter pic captures hearts

A picture posted to the CHP San Francisco Twitter page is gaining momentum on social media. It shows a San Francisco CHP officer saving a fawn from the wildfires that scorched Northern California this week. 

The officer is seen holding the rescued animal in Redding, California as the Carr fires burned through the state.

But what makes this pic so heartwarming is the love the baby deer is shown giving the officer by giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"City cops in the country," the tweet says. "SF CHP deployed to the fires in Redding. Not sure we know what we’re doing in this pic but baby deer pulled from fires and turned over to rescue org. God speed @CAL_FIRE and all other agencies providing mutual aid. You are truly the Bravest."

The photo has received love itself with almost 3,500 likes.

Wrote one Twitter user, "There is nothing sexier than a man who loves, values, and cares for animals. Thank you so much for saving its life Sgt!"

"This made my day," said another. "Beautiful example of A peace officer at work. I wish the television media etc. would post more positive stories like this about law-enforcement."

The Carr fires continue to burn, but reports say firefighters are gaining control over the blazes despite weather challenges.