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Woman forced gay man to watch her have sex as an example of "how it's done"

Woman forces victim to watch her perform sex act on man to show him "how its supposed to be done."
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In a bizarre court case coming out of New Zealand, a woman was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for breaking into the home of a gay man, robbing him and forcing him to watch her perform a sex act on one of her accomplices.

According to Queerty Laura Jean Landon and two other men tricked an un-named man on the Grindr app then showed up at his door. The armed trio entered the house and went through his things saying that gay people should be put to death and calling the victim a child molester. 

“The complainant was then taken back to his apartment and subjected to degrading and homophobic abuse over an extended period, and threatened with serious violence,” court documents read.

Records claim that Landon then performed oral sex on one of the other thieves and made the victim watch to show him “how it’s supposed to be done."

The case states further, "[The robber] (paradoxically, given his intense and sustained homophobic attack on the complainant) then told the complainant to perform the same act on [the robber], but the complainant refused.” 

The criminals made off with jewelry, credit cards, and the victim's vehicle. 

Once apprehended Landon denied her crimes, but Grindr texts and other evidence tied her to them. She was sentenced to four-and-a-half years behind bars. 

On appeal, Landon claimed that she too was a victim at the hands of the other two men who threatened to kill her, but a judge was not buying it.

“It is too late now to come to this Court and say you were compelled to carry out those actions, far too late,” the judge said according to Queerty. “Secondly, there is little to corroborate that particular account.”