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Hillcrest thrift shop closes permanently

The Baras Foundation Thrift Shop has permanently closed reports the Hillcrest Town Council. The organization posted a picture of a vacant building devoid of the furniture and clothing that are usually displayed in the storefront. 

The last post on the store's Facebook page is dated March 15, 2018. And their website is no longer active. 

Baras Foundation, formed in 1978, is listed as a non-profit and in their mission statement say they try to meet the needs of the community, "to actively create, develop and promote a network of support acceptance and understanding that will encourage and stimulate individuals who otherwise might have difficulty securing employment." They supported children's programs, abused women's programs and programs which helped people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. They also helped the homeless and veterans. 

Located at 1455 University Ave., locals would shop at the store for great deals on furniture and clothes. But some residents started to complain about the property being unkempt.

In May a resident posted a photo taken from a nearby condo which showed donations piling up at the back of the store,"The residents of Hillcrest are sick of looking at this mess! Not to mention the homeless that rifle through this junk on a nightly basis," Katelyn Pearson wrote. "Get it together Baras!"

In March of this year, Carole Devito also took a picture of the property, "In 2016 we asked you to clean up the parking lot. This is from my window. These pics were taken two nights ago. This is a major fire hazard," Devito wrote on Facebook. "Clean it Up!" 

Responding to the HTC Facebook post of the closure, Mija Sipuedo said, "I’m a bit surprised it lasted there as along (sic) as it did, considering its size. My hope is that something OTHER THAN primarily alcohol can be there... because our community is SO MUCH MORE than that!!! As for “build housing” — a 500 sq ft “house” is being sold less than a block from there for over a half million dollars... if that lot needs anything where it is, it needs PARKING... they’d make more money with less liability building that."

*Inset picture courtesy of Hillcrest Town Council