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Trans woman of color murdered in Mississippi

Diamond Stephens, 39, murdered by a gunshot to the back of the head.
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Diamond Stephens - Facebook

A trans woman of color, Diamond Stephens, was murdered on June 18 in Meridian, Miss, but because she was misgendered and deadnamed in the media, she wasn't identified as trans until Wednesday. 

The 39-year-old was driving in her car and received a gunshot to the back of the head causing her vehicle to crash into a house. Police speculate that there were other people in the car, but no suspect has been identified at this time.

"It looked like a single shot from what I could tell without disturbing anything," Coroner Clayton Cobler said. "The body has gone to Jackson for an autopsy and we are just waiting for the investigation to hold there."

The WTOK story still misgenders Stephens, but according to The Advocatethe TransGriot blog and the Human Rights Campaign have identified her as a transgender woman.

“We are hurting really bad,” Stephens’s cousin Georgia Brown told WTOK. “I don’t really know what words to say other than we need God to help us and give us strength to make it through this situation and pray to God that whoever did this is found.”

Meridian police are looking for help in the case and ask anyone with information to call the department at (601) 485-1893, or Crimestoppers, (855) 485-8477.