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Record-breaking heat expected this week in San Diego

Summer heat moves into San Diego for the week.
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pxhere - stock photo

Summer is definitely upon us in San Diego as temperatures are expected to soar throughout the county this week starting on Monday. 

High surf warnings will also be in effect as people make their way to the beach to cool off. 

10 News reports that the coast will experience temperatures that reach into the 80s while inland and deserts will get into the 90s and 100s. 

 An Excessive Heat Warning has been issued for the county starting on Monday at 10 am through Thursday at 8 pm. This warning does not affect the coastal community. 

The National Weather Service predicts the heat will be at its highest on Tuesday and Wednesday with lingering warmth into the night near the foothills, and deserts. 

The high-pressure system will move to the north near the end of the week which will lower local temperatures.