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Trans woman of color found murdered in Florida

Sasha Garden, 27, was found murdered in Florida.
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Facebook - Sasha Garden

A transgender woman was found dead Thursday morning in Orange County, Florida.

Police say Sasha Garden, 27, was discovered in the early morning hours with trauma to her body, but the cause of death has not yet been determined. 

With only a picture of Garden post-mortem police went door-to-door to investigate the crime eventually arriving at  Mulan Montrese Williams' house where they showed her the photo. 

“The picture was very disturbing because, unfortunately, it was the picture of her deceased on the ground," Williams told local NBC news station WESH. "I’m still dealing with that.”

Williams' home is considered a safe house for trans sex workers, she offers them condoms, bottled water, and HIV testing according to LGBTQ Nation

Originally, police had classified Garden as a man dressed as a woman, but have since updated that report. The media had already used that information to formulate their stories, misgendering and even dead naming her. 

Sadly Williams has had to identify victims before. 

“You know, when something happens, we don’t call police,” she said. “We don’t want to be judged by the police. We don’t want to be misgendered by officers – they still tell us, ‘We have to call you by your government name, what’s on your ID."

According to The Advocate, Garden is now the thirteenth reported homicide of a trans person in the United States.