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Man spits on rainbow crosswalk, video goes viral

Viral video of man spitting on rainbow crosswalk piques interest of Canadian news.
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YouTube - LGBT Canada In The Media

As much as people support the rainbow crosswalks that have been painted in intersections all over the world, there are some who aren't so happy with the installations. That's apparently how this Canadian man feels in a video which has gone viral of him spitting on it as he gets from one side of the street to the other.

It can't be determined the exact reason why he decided to spew on the LGBT emblem, but if you notice he won't even touch it. 

Lane Specker, captured the video on his dashcam and recounts that he, “Took the time to let this couple cross the road and the man took the time to spit on the rainbow crosswalk. Take note he also didn’t walk on it. There’s still a long way to go…”

The crossing is located in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and has gone viral with nearly 100k views on Facebook. 

According to Towleroad, the video has become a story of interest in the Canadian news media who have interviewed Paul Combden, co-chair of St. John’s Pride and Stephen Dunn, the director of Closet Monster 

“Here’s the thing: paint will last longer than spit," said Dunn. "And I think that this guy who spit on the crosswalk who, I don’t really care about him, I don’t care about this act, I’ve taken much worse in my life.”

Combden said he was personally upset at seeing the display, "and it’s not just because of this. It’s what’s happened in Springdale. I grew up in St. John’s, I grew up in a time when there was a lot of violence toward queer people, and we’ve come … so far. There’s so much progress and optimism and hope — [but] there’s been so much media around homophobia and I think there is obviously this pendulum that keeps swinging back and forth between progress and taking a step backwards."

Discussions of painting Pride crosswalks in San Diego resurfaced in May after the Hillcrest neighborhood was repaved. Community leaders aren't opposed to the idea but say there are some things to consider if they decide to move forward. 

"I’ll be working to find solutions to this problem and will actively engage residents in that process," said Councilmember Chris Ward. "It’s critical that a placemaking project is chosen that builds on the character and identity of our communities in District Three."