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Trio on scooters attack man in front of Hillcrest Whole Foods

Young people on scooters attack man in front of Whole Foods.
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A small gang of scooter riders left one man in Hillcrest with cuts, bruises, and an injured eye after they attacked him at the Whole Foods on University Avenue reports ABC 10

It happened at about 3 pm on Monday when shopper Keith Lalim, hands full of groceries, exited the Hillcrest store.  

"All of a sudden three people on scooters came whizzing by," Lalim told 10 News. 

He said he shouted at the two females and one male, all in their late teens or early twenties,  "I told them they should slow down and they weren't supposed to be on sidewalk anyways."

Hearing him the three turned around in the middle of the street and came back, the male then began to punch Lalim about 10 times in the face before he fell to the pavement. The attacker then went for Liam's eyes. 

 "When the fingers are going into my eyeballs, I'm thinking 'Omigod, this guy is going to blind me,'" said Lalim.

He recalls being kicked while he was down, maybe by one or both of the females. 

Witnesses intervened and pulled the attackers off of him. The perpetrators fled and left one of their dockless electric scooters behind. 

Grabbing his phone in a state of shock, Lalim hit record and captured one of the girls mocking him as they fled. 

He said in the news report, "They need to be caught.  It's like he snapped. He's going to do this again. He's dangerous and a menace to society."

The extent of his injuries won't be determined until tests can be run.

Police will review surveillance videos taken from nearby businesses in an effort to apprehend the attackers. 

If you have any information on the case, call Crimestoppers at 858-580-8477.