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Woman asks gay club if her bachelorette party will be "safe" from HIV

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Nectar - Facebook

The LGBT community is very protective of their spaces, especially when straight people decide to use them as venues for bachelorette parties or alternates to straight clubs. So when one lady inquired whether her bachelorette party would be safe from HIV at a gay club in Manila, the bar clapped back, hard.  

The conversation took place on Facebook when Nectar Nightclub in Manila, Philippines, was disturbed by messages they received from a woman, "Is it safe here? Because my friend will celebrate her bachelorette party," the message asked.

The club responded wanting clarification, "What do you mean safe?"

The responder, presumably a woman, expounded, "I do respect LGBT community. But I’m worried about HIV infection. Because a lot of gay now a days [sic] are vulnerable to HIV. I’m just worried that a lot of gays coming there has HIV. No disrespect and I’m sorry."

"We advise you to read a little more about HIV before you infect our club with your stupidity. That’s more contagious," the club replied, adding, "Take your bachelorette party to a straight club. Your business is not welcome at Nectar."

The exchange was posted to Facebook on July 10 along with an explanation from Nectar:

"Their ignorance about HIV was appalling and the audacious and casual tempo of thier [sic] shrieking insult to celebrate a party of marriage in one of our clubs when we ourselves don’t have the right to marry the person we love (here in The Philippines) was down right straight-privilege nonsense."

Nectar then listed an incident when one of their gogo boys was beaten up by the boyfriend of a straight woman after the dancer gave her a consensual lap dance, "We were gay-bashed inside our own home," they wrote. "And you are asking about your safety?"

In a follow-up statement posted the next day, Nectar doubled-down: "We stand firm in our response and we will continue to stand next to and in front of our community as protectors and trailblazers of our right to exist. We will continue to create a safe and accepting party environment for everyone who walks through Nectar’s doors."

After listening to some who said the discussion could have been used to educate the public, they included information on where to learn more about HIV and AIDS

In San Diego, if you have questions about HIV/AIDS, you can find information at Family Health Centers Of San Diego or at the San Diego LGBT Community Center (The Center).