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Episcopal church says yes to gay marriage across all dioceses

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Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

In a decision on Friday at the Episcopal General Convention, a resolution passed that allows the right for same-sex couples to marry in all dioceses even if a local bishops objects. 

The triennial convention, held in Austin Texas, the Episcopal Church's House of Bishops and House of Deputies voted yes to resolution B012 which now allows the unions in eight ecclesiastical districts that had previously barred the marriages. Because of this decision authorities who feel that same-sex marriage is against their beliefs must now pass it along to another bishop who will. 

Bishop Larry Provenzano who initiated the proposal, told the Episcopal News Service, "I think this is a really important moment for the church. We do this without there having to be one side wins and one side loses. Very much like the theme of the whole convention, there's a great movement for the church to really be the church in this time."

LGBTQ Nation quoted The Tennessean, which explained: “Under the resolution passed Friday, clergy still can decline to bless or solemnize any marriage. But if the couples live in a diocese where the bishop theologically objects to same-sex marriages, that bishop will tap, if necessary, another willing one to provide pastoral support to all involved.”

But there are still some concerns about the decision. Bishop of Albany, William Love, said the resolution might rekindle some adversity when it began consecrating openly gay bishops in 2003. 

William Love, the bishop of Albany, meanwhile, argued that the new resolution could possibly trigger a stark backlash similar to what the Episcopal Church faced in 2003 when it began consecrating openly gay bishops.

The Episcopal Church has been progressive when it comes to gay issues much to the disdain of the global Anglican Communion which barred them from making interfaith decisions pertaining to doctrine or polity for three years. 

"I'm concerned that when this passes, the floodgates are going to open once again, the bloodshed is going to open once again, the insidious lawsuits are going to continue once again," he said during the debate on the resolution, according to RNS.