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California governor signs bill to recognize June as "Pride Month"

Governor Jerry Brown signs bill making June California Pride Month.
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While President Trump remained silent this year in announcing June as Pride month, California legislation was working hard to make it official in the state. California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on Monday that establishes June as Pride month, reportedly the first such official ordinance of any state in the nation.

 Assembly Bill 2969 was authored by Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) 

“California has the largest LGBT population of any state in the union, and the state is home to over 40 LGBT Pride celebrations each year,” said Low in an email statement, “I want to thank Governor Brown for adding Pride to the list of celebrations codified in statute.”

June was selected as Pride month because of its roots in LGBT history, most notably the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York which have long been considered the impetus to modern LGBT activism. June also holds significance as the month when the first Pride parade was held on the anniversary of Stonewall. 

That celebration has since sparked other states and countries to follow suit. In many of these cities, Pride is one of the largest yearly events which can bring millions of people together. In San Diego, Pride is the largest civic gathering of the year and in 2018 it continues to break records. 

These traditional events unite people in a celebration of their accomplishments and contributions to the LGBT community. It is also a time to celebrate diversity, show the world and those still in the closet that the community is united and supportive and a place of comfort and empowerment.  

 Equality California's executive director Rick Zbur said in a statement:

“In big cities and small towns, in every corner of our state, Pride is a time for Californians to come together and celebrate our progress — while continuing the fight for full equality. In the face of a president who refuses to recognize Pride Month, we're deeply grateful to Governor Brown, Assembly Member Low, and the entire LGBT Caucus for recognizing the LGBTQ community’s role in California and California’s role in the LGBTQ civil rights movement.”