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Phoenix gets permanent rainbow crosswalks

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Permanent rainbow crosswalks were installed on two streets in Phoenix on Monday. The crossings are in support of the LGBT community. 

The Phoenix city council approved the installations earlier this year. 

The crossings were funded by The Phoenix Pride Community and the one n ten organization, they will also maintain the installation.

One n ten serves Phoenix's LGBTQA youth and young adults. According to their mission they, "enhance their lives by providing empowering social and service programs that promote self‐expression, self‐acceptance, leadership development and healthy life choices."

There have been talks about adding a rainbow crosswalk to Hillcrest in San Diego, Councilmember Chris Ward although intrigued with the idea, says there are bureaucracy and safety issues involved, "Unfortunately, the City is aware of pushback at the federal level for this particle type of installation," he said in a statement in May. "There are concerns that painted crosswalks may distract drivers and impede efforts to eliminate traffic fatalities.

Despite those obstacles, Ward says that doesn't mean the colorful passageways are out of the question entirely.

"I’ll be working to find solutions to this problem and will actively engage residents in that process," he said. "It’s critical that a placemaking project is chosen that builds on the character and identity of our communities in District Three."